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Traveling to Samui

There are three major ways of transportation to access to Samui.

By Air

Travelling to Samui

It is considered the easiest and fastest way to reach the Island. There are some direct flights from Bangkok to Samui, operated by Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. Other international routes include Singapore, Hong Kong and also some direct flights from major tourist destinations such as Phuket, Chiangmai, and Krabi . For more detailed information, reservation and flight time-table, please contact the Airline.

Another option of traveling by air is to take the flight to Suratthani/ Nakorn Srithammaraj and continue on bus and ferry to the Island.

Estimated flight time to Samui from Bangkok is 50 minutes. For flight from Bangkok to Suratthani, you will have to continue journey on bus or ferry. Estimated total journey time is five hours.

By Road

Travelling to Samui

Travelling from Bangkok to Suratthani by road will take approximately 7 hours and approximately 3 hours for the ferry from Don Sak Pier (Suratthani) to Samui. You can take your car into the ferry.

From the Southern Bus Terminal, there are several buses departing from Bangkok to Samui. Comfortable air-conditioned as well as VIP buses are available.

By Rail

Travelling to Samui

On Rail, Ten major trains from Bangkok to Suratthani each day will take approximately 11 hours, yet require two connecting routed on bus and ferry to the Island. For more information, please contract the Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong).